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A packet of cheese, some chocolate bars, and a hardcopy syllabus. What sounds like an exam starter pack also has another connection: all products have a Mondi touch. Mondi is a leading global packaging and paper group with a focus on being sustainable by design, using paper where possible, plastic when useful. The company is committed to developing an empowered and inclusive team that contributes to a better world, to build skills, purposeful employment, and an environment that values safety, health, and mental wellbeing. Alexandra Precupanu, Deputy Head of Internal Audit in Vienna, explains how she plays her part in the world of packaging and paper.

“In Internal Audit, we review the effectiveness and efficiency of the system of internal control of different entities,” the young professional sums up her position. Her job is not executed only from the Group office in Vienna. Prior to the pandemic, she spent a large part of her time on site at one of over 100 locations worldwide of which Alexandra has already visited 60. “In addition to the travel component that I really love, one learns how a company works. I have to understand multiple business cases and acquire a helicopter view in order to assess different procedures, from finance all the way to production,” she explains and clears away all bureaucratic preconceptions about auditing.

As diverse as Mondi’s product range are its employees: “I interact with production colleagues, managers, researchers, from all different cultural backgrounds. This gives a diverse set of knowledge and leads to an open and cooperative company culture.”

Qualifications Alexandra needs in order to fulfill her job successfully are analytical skills, an attention for detail, while simultaneously seeing the bigger picture, an ability to work cross-functionally, a determined mindset, and an education in business administration. She enhanced her skills by undertaking a Strategy, Innovation and Management Control master’s program at WU. “There, I was able to shape my mindset, while acquiring knowledge in managing and leading businesses from a financial perspective,” the eager auditor says.

For anyone wishing to follow Alexandra’s career she suggests gaining knowledge in finance, English proficiency, and being ready to travel, when restrictions are lifted. “Freshly graduated with immense self-belief, I was exploring ways to pursue a “dream career” in an international business. I mapped my own career path and found my home at Mondi with a colorful mix of challenges, products, people, and tasks – all with the goal to grow, create, and inspire together.”

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