Applying Internationally

Yes, German IS important…

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In the last couple of decades the economy has changed dramatically – computer-services from India, cars from Japan, mobile phones from USA, all those products are available in shops around the globe – thanks to globalization. Labour markets are no exception in this perspective, international career paths become more common. Bild: ZBP/Jürgen Pletterbauer [...]

International Start-up Ecosystems

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by Rudolf Dömötör Start-ups have become the main driver of job creation, innovation, and economic growth throughout the world. Next to having a great idea executed by just the right team, the ecosystem hosting the start-up is critical to the success of a new business venture. What makes a good start-up ecosystem? What can we learn [...]

Happy countries

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von Andreas Müller According to the “World Happiness Report 2016,” Denmark, Switzerland, Canada, New Zealand, and Costa Rica are among the happiest countries worldwide. What is so special about them? What is characteristic about working in these countries? Bild: iStock / PeopleImages […]