Yes, German IS important…

In the last couple of decades the economy has changed dramatically – computer-services from India, cars from Japan, mobile phones from USA, all those products are available in shops around the globe – thanks to globalization. Labour markets are no exception in this perspective, international career paths become more common.

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International Start-up Ecosystems

by Rudolf Dömötör

Start-ups have become the main driver of job creation, innovation, and economic growth throughout the world. Next to having a great idea executed by just the right team, the ecosystem hosting the start-up is critical to the success of a new business venture. What makes a good start-up ecosystem? What can we learn from the most important start-up hubs in the world?

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Living and working in Shanghai

Big metropolitan cities such as Tokyo, London, New York or Shanghai are amazing places to visit, but how would it be to live and work there? A couple of years ago, Shanghai was calling for Michael Sikora, a former WU graduate. He followed the call and became Managing Director of abc Automotive Business Consulting Limited, an engineering partner and service provider for automotive parts and module suppliers. In this interview, the host of the Alumni Hub Shanghai talks about his experiences working abroad.

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Living and working in Sydney

Australia – exciting landscape, laid back people and a fascinating culture. And even more than that: interesting possibilities to build a career – provided that you get through the tough visa application process. Michael Altenburger, the host of Alumni Hub Sydney, talks in this interview about his experiences living and working in Sydney.

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Living and Working in Beijing

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of China? Probably you will think of delicious food, the Ming dynasty or the Great Wall. But it always depends on if you are just visiting a country or living there. Thomas Pieringer, the host of the Alumni Hub Beijing talks about his work experiences in Beijing, one of China’s so-called Tier 1 Cities. The former WU student is currently working on-site for the consulting company erlkönig as Business Process Manager.