In the last couple of decades the economy has changed dramatically – computer-services from India, cars from Japan, mobile phones from USA, all those products are available in shops around the globe – thanks to globalization. Labour markets are no exception in this perspective, international career paths become more common.

Bild: ZBP/Jürgen Pletterbauer

But which role do language skills play in this game? You want to settle down in Austria and you might ask, if German is a necessary skill nowadays where English as a language dominates business around the globe?

Yes, German IS important…

The answer is YES! Of course it always depends on the concrete job, but normally German language skills can be a so called “must have criteria”, which applicants must provide in Austria. Especially if the company language is German, an appropriate level will be required, ideally business fluent. Knowing the language will definitely decrease the time you need to find your way in to new topics and areas of responsibility.

But apart from daily business, of course also social integration will be affected by your language skills. Whenever colleagues meet for a cup of coffee and chat about last night’s football match, you might find it very hard understanding the words, which will exclude you from the conversation. And of course, socializing with co-workers is important for team-integration.

So if you are planning on settling down in Austria a German language course will be very helpful indeed, almost necessary! Invest a little time in learning the language, it’s definitely worth it!

Brigitte Kuchenbecker

Brigitte arbeitet seit elf Jahren für das ZBP. Ihre Leidenschaften sind das Schreiben und die Personalarbeit – umso besser, dass sie als Chefredakteurin des Karrieremagazins und Autorin des Blogs beide Interessen vereinen kann. In ihrer Freizeit findet man sie in der Natur: beim Wandern, Klettern oder Garteln.

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